PassVault Changelog


  • Added CSRF token to the account edit form. (thanks onc H for reporting it).
  • Added event triggers in controller actions.


  • Updated and improved the add-on system.
  • Added an add-on installer.
  • Added a free installer & updater add-on to keep your install up to date.
  • Added vault sharing (share a vault item with other users).
  • Removed Installer (replaced with our new MSServer addon).
  • Added support for specifying smtp SSL and smtp auth type settings.
  • Fixed a few bugs.
  • Some performance improvements with Doctrine.
  • Clicking delete on a vault item now opens a warning instead of just deleting.
  • Updated composer dependencies.


  • Added new Add-Ons section the admin interface.
  • Updated a few icons on the admin interface.
  • Introduced Add-On system.
  • Updated a few styles in the admin interface.
  • A few minor bug fixes.


  • You can now add custom (encrypted) fields to a vault item.
  • Add a few more translations.
  • Added a new vault item activity page.


  • Added a changelog file to the zipped files.
  • Added markdown renderer for terms and privacy pages. Fixed bug with search icons not working.
  • Search is no longer case sensitive.
  • The launch button on a search block now opens in a new tab.
  • Added ajax page loading (decreases overall loading times).
  • The expiry date is no longer required when sharing a note.
  • Fixed bug with being able to set any length for the password generator.
  • Activity subscriber now logs more detailed messages.
  • Added vault item view page.
  • Added flash message to the category add page.
  • Redesigned the admin pages.
  • Admin navigation now highlights the active route.
  • Integrated translation support (i18n).
  • Added option to test email sending (test your email configuration).
  • Added more flash messages in the admin controller.
  • Fixed default vault logos being too large in watchtower.
  • Added option to view the raw and formatted note when shared.
  • Updated search result items to match the new vault item design.
  • Added EU cookie law banner.
  • Added exception logging.


  • Fixed bug with captcha not rendering.
  • Fixed bug with QR code not rendering.


  • Misc bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added fix that prevents the QR code generator from running if the iconv PHP extension isn’t loaded
  • Added self-installer script to simplify installation process.
  • Improved the documentation.


  • Fixed bug with adding a user from admin area not correctly hashing the password.


  • Fixed bug with backup codes breaking 2FA verification.
  • Encrypted file upload, sharing and downloading.
  • Added WatchTower service which generates reports on reused passwords, weak passwords and compromised passwords.
  • Added Chrome extension (and API routes for the integration).
  • Added file searching.
  • Clearing cache also clears temp download folder.
  • Can upload a custom vault logo.
  • Restyled the Admin sidebar.


  • Initial release.